COVID-19 Updates from OTIP

Update #1

Hello all, for those who may be wondering who to call for what type of travel claim: Trip Cancellation vs Trip Interruption

Cancellation – they have not left the country – they would contact OTIP for any questions and claim requirements.

Interruption – they have left the country or are currently out of the country - they Call Allianz.

The numbers for each are located on their OTIP/ARM benefit card. Also have your plan number and ID number readily available. Thanks.

Update #2

Hello all, here is some advice for those who may be trying to reach OTIP and find that things are busy.

Please suggest to members that they go to

Here they can find instructions as to how to reach us using email. Thanks.

As the situation with COVID-19 keeps evolving, OTIP continues to work closely with its stakeholders and partners to make proactive decisions that are grounded in care for its members and employees. Learn what you need to know about access OTIP’s services during this time.

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